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K&F Concept Beta Photography 20l Backpack

I recently tested out the K&F Concept Beta Photography 20 litre Backpack. I'm a big fan of the K&F brand so I was excited to check out their backpack. I thank K&F Concept again for this collaboration. If you are interested in getting the product for yourself after reading this:

Click HERE to go to K&F Concept's Amazon page


Who are K&F Concept?

K&F Concept, a brand founded in 2012, has been committed to designing, innovating, and manufacturing photography accessories. In the pursuit of product excellence, K&F Concept has obtained more than 150 patents and various international product awards. K&F Concept has been a popular buy in 56 countries and regions and is involved in different markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Their official website is being upgraded, so you can browse - the website of K&F Concept authorised shopping mall - for reference. Kentfaith is a comprehensive shopping mall of all kinds of video and audio products, which is popular with users all over the world. All K&F Concept products are available at Kent Faith.


Why is a camera bag important?

A camera bag is important for several reasons, especially if you own and use expensive camera equipment. Here are some key reasons why a camera bag is important:

  1. Protection: A camera bag is designed to protect your camera and accessories from physical damage, dust, moisture, and other environmental elements. It usually has padded compartments and dividers to keep your gear safe and secure during transportation and storage.

  2. Organisation: Camera bags are equipped with various compartments and pockets, making it easier to organize and store your camera body, lenses, memory cards, filters, batteries, and other accessories. This helps you keep your gear in order and readily accessible.

  3. Security: Many camera bags come with locking options or zipper pulls that can be secured with a lock. This adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorised access to your expensive equipment.

  4. Portability: Camera bags are designed with comfortable straps and handles, making it easier to carry your gear around. Some bags even come with padded shoulder straps or backpack-style configurations, which distribute the weight more evenly and reduce the strain on your body.

  5. Customisation: Camera bags often allow you to reconfigure the internal dividers to suit your specific gear and preferences. This customization ensures that your camera and accessories fit snugly, reducing the risk of damage during transit.

  6. Style: Many camera bags are designed with aesthetics in mind, and they come in various styles and colours, allowing you to choose one that suits your personal taste and reflects your professionalism as a photographer.

  7. Accessibility: Camera bags are designed for quick and easy access to your gear. You can quickly grab the camera or lens you need without fumbling through a general-purpose bag.

  8. Weather resistance: Some camera bags are designed to be weather-resistant or come with rain covers, which help protect your equipment from rain, snow, or other adverse weather conditions.

  9. Longevity: High-quality camera bags are built to last, offering durability and protection for your gear over an extended period.

  10. Professionalism: When you're on a photography assignment or working as a professional photographer, a dedicated camera bag can help convey a sense of professionalism to your clients and colleagues.



The only bits of packaging that came with the bag was plastic wrap that was over the bag in the box. My box did however take a bit of a battering in the post. Luckily no damage occurred to the bag.



The bag is made of 900D nylon material (a denier material that is finished with a polyurethane back coating making it water repellent), which is tear-resistant and highly durable. This material is ideal for many uses including luggage, backpacks, duffel bags, wallets, horse blankets, portable chairs and briefcases. You can feel the quality when you touch the bag. The zips, which are anti-theft feel, great in your hands and they don´t feel like they will break on you. I was also impressed with the heavy duty stitching all around the bag. This is vital to ensure that your gear gets the adequate protection.

Inside the bag, It contains EPE foam padded layers which help product your camera gear from all shocks and bumps, but for me I found these to be a little bit weak. I would prefer to have my foam padding a bit sturdier as camera equipment isn´t cheap.

The shoulder straps are padded and the back part of the bag has a ventilated elastic back to help ensure you don´t get the dreaded sweaty back. A tripod can also be strapped to the front of the bag via two front straps. On the quick access side flap there is a hidden pocket to SD cards, batteries and other small items.



The dimensions of the bag are: 17.32 x 11.81 x 6.69 inches (44 x 30 x 17 cms) which is apprioxametely 20 litres. The main compartment of the bag can contain up to 1 camera and up to 4 lenses and a tripod on the front. I found that my main gear fit really well, I was not lacking space.

The top part compartment of the bag can used to store personal items such as wallets, clothing and additional camera accessories. Personally, I found it great for storing my filters and drone battery charger. There is also a laptop compartment that can hold a laptop of up to 15.6 inches.


Durability and Weather Resistance

As mentioned previously, the bag is made of a 900D nylon material and helps to keep all your camera gear dry. We got caught in a few storms whilst testing the backpack and found the waterproofing to withstand a battering. The bag comes with a rain cover but I found that the bag still slightly wet under the bag. I'm not sure what material it's made of but it wasn't the most waterproof. It would be great if the cover could be attached to the backpack.


Comfort and Ergonomics

The air mesh padded shoulder straps feel great on your arms and don't cause shoulder pain and bag has a ventilated elastic back which is comfortable and lightweight to help ensure you don´t get the dreaded sweaty back. We didn't get to test this out as it's autumn and the temperatures barely exceeded 15 degrees. Even with a full water bottle on the side, the back still felt comfortable.

As per ergonomics, a backpack should a fall below your shoulders and above your hips.

The backpack also adjustable chest belts which to redistribute the weight, which is important on those long hikes.

The bag gets a A+ for comfort and ergonomics.



In conclusion the K&F Concept Beta 20L backpack is a great camera backpack for every day use. For a small backpack, you can really pack in a lot of gear and still be comfortable. The only downsides are the EPE foam padding and rain cover which could be better but for the price of the bag, it's hard for this backpack to be beaten.

The link again:

Click HERE to go to K&F Concept's Amazon page


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