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K&F Concept Mobile Phone Tripod - MS01 Tripod

Updated: Jun 5

I recently got the chance to use the K&F Concept Mobile Phone Tripod. A mobile phone tripod isn't something I would normally use so I was intrigued to see what I could do with it. I thank K&F Concept again for this collaboration. If you are interested in getting the product for yourself after reading this:

Click HERE to go to K&F Concept's Amazon page

Once bought, you can extend your warranty HERE


Who are K&F Concept?

K&F Concept, a brand founded in 2012, has been committed to designing, innovating, and manufacturing photography accessories. In the pursuit of product excellence, K&F Concept has obtained more than 150 patents and various international product awards. K&F Concept has been a popular buy in 56 countries and regions and is involved in different markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Check them out at  or on their official amazon page at HERE


Why would you get a mobile phone tripod?

Getting a camera phone tripod can significantly enhance your photography and videography experience for several reasons:

  1. Stability and Sharpness: Tripods help eliminate camera shake, ensuring your photos and videos are sharp and clear, especially in low light conditions or when using long exposure settings.

  2. Hands-Free Operation: A tripod allows you to use your phone hands-free, which is particularly useful for group shots, self-portraits, and video calls.

  3. Consistent Framing: It helps maintain consistent framing and composition, which is essential for time-lapse videos, stop-motion animation, or any project requiring multiple shots with the same framing.

  4. Improved Video Quality: Stabilised video footage looks more professional and is less jarring to watch. A tripod is crucial for vlogs, interviews, and other video content.

  5. Creative Flexibility: Using a tripod enables creative techniques such as long exposures, panoramic shots, and HDR photography that require the camera to remain still for extended periods.

  6. Convenience: Modern tripods are lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry and set up in various locations. Many also come with flexible legs or adjustable heights for versatile shooting angles.

  7. Enhanced Accessories: Many tripods come with additional features like remote controls for shutter release, built-in levels for perfect alignment, and mounts for external microphones or lights.



I have been really impressed with how much K&F have cut down on their plastic in the packaging. The only bits of packaging that came with the bag was plastic wrap that was over the tripod in the box.



The tripod offers a 2 in 1 design which allows use of either a mobile phone or a small camera, allowing you to capture those beautiful moments anytime and anywhere. It also comes with a complimentary bluetooth remote control which can be paired up (without a password) which supports videos and photos from up to 10 metres away.

The tripod only weighs 0.32kg but can support a load of up to 3kg meaning it's compatible with most mirrorless cameras and smartphones. The legs are flexible and can be bent into pretty much any angle that you so desire, which means it can be attached to lamp posts, railings, branches, bicycles and even chairs.

The tripod is made of a special 6mm aluminium core which is tough, durable, flexible and strong at the same time. The ball head on the tripod allows 360 degrees horizontally and 90 vertically of movement.



I found for me that this would be a perfect tool for when you don't want to travel with a big camera and tripod but would still want the stability. It fits perfectly in most small to medium size bags. It's great for taking family portraits on holidays using the bluetooth remote or if you are on your own and want to put yourself in the photo.

I was concerned with how light it is that it wouldn't be able to handle my smartphone but I was pleasantly surprised with how sturdy it was.

Attaching it to a tree branch was also a breeze. I was confident it wasn't going to fall off.


Detachable Ball Head

As mentioned previously, a multitude of angles can be achieved with this ball head but what is unique about this one is that it can be completely detached from the tripod legs if you are lacking space in your bag or if you have a different ball head you would like to put onto the tripod.


Bluetooth Remote Control

There isn't much to say about the bluetooth remote control, you connect it to the bluetooth on your smart phone, no password is required and you're good to go. As mentioned above, it is really handy for being able to get yourself into photos and not having to run to position on a 10 second timer! I think this controller is a great idea and adds to the appeal of this tripod.



Overall I'm really impressed of what can be achieved with this tiny, light and flexible tripod. It's something I'll definitely be taking with me on my summer travels for those family portraits.

Click HERE to go to K&F Concept's Amazon page

Once bought, you can extend your warranty HERE


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